Flames of War - Milan Tournament - English Version

On Sunday December 15th 2019, we will have the Flames of War of Milan "Christmas event". It will be a Late War tournament @100 points.

Where. The Tournament will take place in the Polo Culturale Alda Merini, Via Volta 7, Frazione di San Pietro, Cornaredo. It’s a small town northwest of Milan, close to Malpensa Airport. If you plan to travel by plane or train, just drop an email to the organizers and we will help you to get to Cornaredo and to choose where to sleep – there are good cheap Bed and Breakfasts and four stars hotels in area.

When. The Tournament starts at 9:30 am on Sunday December 15th. Timetable is:

9:00 Hall opening and subscriptions
9:45 First game
12:15 – 13:00 Lunch inside the venue
13:00 – 15:30 Second game
15:45 – 18:15 Third game
18:30 Prizes giving

How to submit entries. We have a maximum number of players allowed in the venue (36) so it will be on first-come, first served basis. To submit your entry, you need to send an email to the Organizer (Paolo PagliantiPaglianti@gmail.com) before the Monday December 7th

You need to send your army list to the Italian Championship organization (circuito@fowitalia.com) before  23:59 hours on Monday December 7th . This list should state your name, email, the army and the book you’re going to use. If you use the Forces of War BF system it will be much easier.

Which books you can use. You can form your 99 points list with these books:

  • Fortress Europe
  • D-Day American
  • D-Day German

The players can also use all Command Cards from these three books.

How much does it cost. The tournament entry costs 14 Euros. With an additional 12 Euros, you will eat inside the venue a very good Italian meal (See below).

Tournament rules. For the first game, we will randomly seed the players, avoiding (if possible) matches with same-city or same foreign Country pairs. From the second game, we will use the Swiss system to pair the first player to the second, the third with the fourth, and so on.  We will use the Official rule book in English.

FAQ V4 (October 10th)

At the start of each game, the two players will choose the Mission from the updated PDF Missions (updated on July 2019).

The organizer Paolo Paglianti will play the game – he will not check the lists, but we will publish his list before the deadline of the other players. 

The umpire and checklister will be Mattia Sandrini. If players number will be odd, he will play with the player in last position (except for the first game, drawn randomly). 

Score System. At the end of the game, the players will determine the final score, made by three different values. Big Points, Match points, Casualties inflicted to the opponent. In order of importance:

Big Point: a single point given to the winner, if any.
Match Point: the usual Battlefront score for FOW (8-1, 6-3, etc)
Casualties inflicted: The number of units destroyed in the opponent’s army. If an army has all  Formations left, all units in its rooster are consider lost.

Miniatures. You can’t “proxy” (ie, you can’t use a Sherman and say it’s a Churchill). You can use unpainted pieces (at least the green primer!).

Prizes. Every player will receive a personalized painted 15mm soldier as a “token” of participation and a special discount (20%) for Baueda Shop (BTW, if you come to the tournament, you can use it, order Baueda pieces and collect them at the tournament).

Also, thanks to Slitherine sponsorship (Slitherine is the videogame publisher totally focused on high quality strategy games), every player will receive a code for the full game Close Combat: The Bloody First (here is the NoDiceNoGlory review).

We will have three cups for the first three players, and three prizes offered by Your Command, the Italian official Battlefront importer. You can order to Your Command any BF product and collect at the tournament location, BTW.

We will have a prize offered by Baueda for the best painted army, a painted Bunker you can also use as a objective marker.

Finally, we will have a painted platoon assigned randomly between all players – the important thing is taking part at the tournament and enjoy the games. It will be a painted prize.

Lunch. We will have a true Italian lunch with catering in the location. The full meal (Pasta, meat, water, some wine, dessert and coffee) costs 12 Euros. If you want vegetarian or vegan meal, please contact the organization before the December 7th.